Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair #promhairstyles


Alicia Boal


With spring upon us, there are great things to look forward to, including the much-anticipated prom. High school has its ups and downs but there is no doubt prom is a memorable event most teenagers love, so looking and feeling your best is likely high on the priority list.

Planning for prom involves finding the perfect dress and the best hairstyle that expresses your style. Having long hair leaves you with many options! From an all-down to an updo and in between.

Selecting Your Prom Hairstyle

Formal prom hairstyles are endless! Check out the HC Lookbook and find a photo for inspiration to bring to your appointment at Hair Cuttery for prom-day hair. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the style for your long hair:

  • How thick is your hair? Try looking at photos of prom hairstyles that seem like they might be comparable to what your tresses are like (it can be a little tricky to tell when the hair is all up). If you find a style you love but know you don’t have thick enough hair, you could talk to your Hair Cuttery Professional about some clip-in extensions (if you already have them, bring them along!) or using a hair donut to add bulk. Don’t discredit a style you really love because there might be ways to work with it. If you were fortunate enough to be born with thick hair, the world is pretty much your oyster here when it comes to selecting a full, lush style.
  • How long is your hair? If your hair is past shoulder length and beyond, you’re considered having long hair which does make updos easier. The longer your hair, the more elaborate you’ll be able to get with an updo as most of the pieces will be able to be pinned up. If you prefer to leave your hair down, many hair lengths will work well.
  • Now you just need to decide if you want it all up, all down or somewhere in between. When making this decision, think about how you feel comfortable—is your hair usually pulled back or worn down? What does your dress or formal attire look like—is it high on the neck, thin straps, strapless, etc.? Are you someone who gets hot easily and would benefit from keeping your hair up?

Long and Up Prom Hairstyle

For a formal occasion, it is quite common for a beautiful updo bringing all your hair together and off the shoulder. Three things seem to be quite common now: braids, buns, and whimsical—could be one, two or all three mixed together.

  • Braids are timeless and can be incorporated into numerous styles. There is a traditional three-strand braid, a Dutch braid, a fishtail braid, and a twist braid to name some popular looks. Really, a braid is simply when strands are interlaced. If you want to style with braids, one could be the main focus of your style or they could be accents throughout.
  • The higher the better is the motto for buns these days. And a very elegant look they can create. A super sleek style pulled back into a high bun would be great for a high-cut dress or someone who simply doesn’t want to worry about their hair falling limp throughout the night. The bun itself could be messy, smooth or somewhere in the middle. Also, there is no “rule” for where the bun needs to sit on your head—a low bun is elegant and classic and a side bun adds a stylish asymmetrical look.
  • Whimsical styles can incorporate both braids and buns or be a totally separate style. There is no set way the hair needs to be gathered to be considered whimsical, it’s all about how the hair hangs loosely around your face and over your ears as it sweeps back to where it is gathered. Sometimes this look has pieces hanging down throughout, just along the face, or just where it is gathered. There is also a varying degree of texture that could be achieved depending on your hair and desires.

Long and Down Prom Hairstyles

A prom dress with less detail around your neckline and shoulders, such as a strapless or low-cut style, pairs nicely with a hairstyle that is all down. Or maybe you simply prefer the comfort and appearance of your hair down. Let’s say you have really curly hair and almost never wear it straight because it’s so much work—or your hair is straight but whenever you curl it yourself you feel it never comes out right. These are perfect scenarios to let a Hair Cuttery stylist make your down prom hairstyle look like something out of the movies.