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  • Elderly Ladies hairstyle help

    I am thinking about getting a very short permed hairstyle that I have seen some ...

    Beverly at the Beauty Parlor21 months ago8 replies

  • military cut

    does any woman here like closely cropped hair cut on men, military style with ba...

    whiteknight2031 months ago0 replies

  • My wife at the barbers!

    Hope you enjoy the pictures I've posted. My wife has had short hair on and off f...

    Short hair lover151 months ago0 replies

  • women at the barbers!

    I wonder how many women are sexualy turned on by the thought of going into the b...

    hairoffplease62 months ago6 replies

  • barbershop testimonials

    dec 2009 girlfriend at the barbers

    aloof deer71 months ago8 replies

  • male lover of ultra short womans hair

    hi im male 43 in essex uk and would do anything to have somebody cut and dye my ...

    noisy jelly71 months ago4 replies

  • How often do you see ultra short hair on women?

    Personally, in the area that I live(Northern New York State), you can go quite a...

    probable bat77 months ago2 replies

  • [email protected]

    Have a Look at my severe wedge cut
    tells you all you need to know, you can alwa...

    organic marble83 months ago0 replies

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