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The men’s wavy or curly hairstyle, aka when halfway through their journey the follicles break free from their straight-laced routine to do their own wild and crazy thing. Some consider it a burden, others an opportunity. Meanwhile, thanks to the appeal of wavy haired pop stars like Harry Styles and curly haired characters like Jon Snow, more and more males are definitely falling into the “opportunity” camp. But proceed with caution, gents. A men’s curly haircut requires a little more care and attention and can veer off course rather quickly. What’s important is that you land on a cut and regimen that keeps the texture intact and the style firmly modern. After all, nobody wants to wake up looking like Screech from Saved by the Bell. To ensure such a nightmare never occurs, review our hairstyle tips for men with wavy and curly hair. And may you never, ever wake up looking like Screech.

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  1. Routinely apply sea salt spray or a similar moisturiser to your hair. It will help keep the volume rich and full and prevent the hair itself from drying out.
  2. Don’t over-shampoo your hair. Instead, shampoo once every few (2-3) days and be sure to incorporate a moisturising conditioner. This will keep the curly hair moisturised and healthy while avoiding dryness, damage from over-washing, and frayed ends.
  3. On a similar note, avoid the overuse of dry matte products, which can poof out the hair and cut down on manageability and definition.
  4. If you have thick, wavy or curly hair that’s hard to manage, find a barber who can tactfully chop away some underlying locks without hindering the overall aesthetic. The result is a men’s wavy hairstyle that’s formidable, but still controllable.
  5. If you’re aiming for a shorter, tighter style, by all means apply a matte-finish product at the roots of your curly hair. Be sure to do it when the hair is still moist.
  6. Request that your barber point cuts the ends instead of cutting a straight line. The former evokes softness while the latter creates a hard-edged vibe.

mens wavy or curly hairstyles

Men’s Wavy or Curly Hairstyles

When getting a men’s wavy haircut, you have plenty of styles to choose from. If you’re undecided and want to leave it in the hands of your hairdresser, that’s okay, but be sure to get that hairdresser’s opinion on Screech or 90s-era Justin Timberlake first. If the barber or hairdresser is a big fan of either style, you might want to demonstrate a little more control (or just switch hairdressers). Regardless, it’s good to acquaint yourself with a few signature styles just to be on the safe side.

wavy slicked back

1. Wavy Slicked Back

Popularised by celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler, think of the slicked back wavy hairstyle as a recipe that’s fairly effortless to pull off as long as you have the right ingredients. Those ingredients are: fingers, pomade (or similar grooming product of your choice), and the proper hair to begin with. And by “proper hair” we mean wavy curly hair or straight hair as opposed to say coiled curly hair or kinky curly hair, though with modern hair products pretty much anything is possible these days. To proceed, first make sure your hair is damp. Next, slap some pomade on your hand and stroke your fingers through your hair until the style you want is achieved. Let it settle and go on your way. If your hair’s natural texture and pomade isn’t a good match, be sure to change grooming products accordingly. This is a true men’s style because it looks all kinds of handsome and sharp yet doesn’t take ages to achieve!

beachy waves

2. Beachy Waves

Live out your 70s and 80s rock star fantasies in glorious contemporary fashion by sporting some proper beachy curls. The key is that you’re able to blur the line between unkempt and alluring. That means taking a casual, but manageable approach, and using products like sea salt hairspray to keep the waves flowing and those follicles from drying out. Truth be told you need both an adventurous spirit and some naturally lustrous curly hair to pull this one off. On the other hand, if you do pull it off you’re a legend!

the wavy quiff

3. The Wavy Quiff

If there was ever a men’s wavy hairstyle that looked exactly like it sounded, it was the wavy or curly quiff. This popular cut straddles all ages and groups, and is highlighted by voluminous hair pointed upward at the top of the skull while often flanked by a shorter cut on the sides and back. For those with naturally thick and wavy texture, some trial and error might be required before perfection is achieved. Mosts folks say the easiest way to get a solid quiff going is to blow-dry your hair while lifting it up and back with a brush and then applying a little grooming product like pomade. However, some experts advise against the blow dry method because it can often dry out or overpower the natural tenants of your wavy hair. Trial and error, indeed.

curly side part

4. Curly Side Part

As many recent trends have proven, the best fashion statements from the past are never out of style. Take, for instance, the curly side part. It’s a radical men’s curly or wavy hairstyle that goes as far back as the 20s and nevertheless exudes striking contemporary flair. The men’s curly side part also a remarkable way to strut one’s curls in all their glory. Before proceeding, be sure to figure out which direction your curly hair naturally grows and then part it accordingly.

wavy undercut

5. Wavy Undercut

Championed by the likes of David Beckham and more in style than ever before, the undercut remains an indisputably sharp and clean men’s hairstyle that goes beautifully with straight and wavy hair alike. Put simply, an island of killer locks goes at the top and gets surrounded by a shorter length cut on all sides. Opt for a nice wavy pompadour or quiff at the crown or go your own way based on the natural qualities of your wavy hair. Whatever you decide, by rocking a solid undercut you’ll be pulling eyeballs in your direction for days on end. This is quite simply a men’s wavy haircut that no one argues with.

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This article is part of our Trimmed & Terrific Series.

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