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10 Gorgeous Braid Hairstyles for Every Occasion!

We can say braid hairstyles is one of the most classic ones. Even today, braids are as sophisticated as the trending hairstyles, thus offering more and more opportunities to take this classic hairstyle to a whole different level.

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Today’s braids are getting more modern and stylish and you can always try this for every occasion. For your inspirations, take a look at these gorgeous braid hairstyle inspirations we have compiled for you.

#1. Forever Lovely Dutch Braids


You may have seen how cool this classic braid hairstyle is when Kim Kardashian tried it. You do not need to be Kim Kardashian to pull this hairstyle off! Dutch braid hairstyle is easy and perfect for summer day.

If you want yours to look more modern, consider dyeing your hair—Kim once pulled this braid off with her silver hair color, so there is no reason to not try it!

#2. Dyeing the Hair Always Makes a Difference!


Well, speaking of changing the color of your hair, this awesome braid inspiration is an obvious proof to convince you. While the braided hairstyle is combined with a messy hair updo, the silver hair color makes a significant difference!

Well, don’t you think that this emphasizes that braid hairstyle can always turn into the most stylish and modern one as well?

Choose whichever hair color you’d like to try; have as much fun as possible and see how it boosts your confidence and style!

#3. Side Braids with Low Bun? Definitely Yes!


As you may have noticed, you can always combine one hairstyle with another, just like what this braid with low bun hairstyle does.

This is an unexpected but charming twist to take both classic hairstyles to a different level. The side Dutch braids meet right at the nape before forming into a low bun.

You can try this hairstyle for any occasion you like, even for a formal moment such as a party or even your own wedding.

#4. Because There Will Be No “Too Much”…


In a glance, this braid hairstyle inspiration may look too complicated. However, it is fun to make it anyway. As you can see, this hairstyle looks great if you have a long hair since this means you can let the gorgeous look each of the braids showcase stand out.

We love the waterfall braid before the hair meets in the middle, as well as the forever adorable fishtail braid! Isn’t this so adorable?

#5. Simple Fishtail Braid



And speaking of fishtail braid, this is a hairstyle you should try at least once. To pull off this braid, the length of your hair becomes critical.

Despite the different steps to make a fishtail braid, this is a hairstyle that is easy and simple to make! Hair rubber bands will be your biggest help when you are trying to make a fishtail braid.

Overall, this braid hairstyle is also fun to make, considering the twists you should make in order to create the right look.

#6. Messy but Gorgeous Side Braid


Here, the messy look creates the bohemian appeal to complement your appearance. We find messy side braid an ideal choice during spring or summer while you are wearing dress made from light and cool material.

Notice how the hair twists before it is formed into a fishtail braid falling over the shoulder!

#7. Hair Accessories to Spice Things Up


This is another inspiration for messy side fishtail braid you will always want to try when the time is right. As you can see, this is a way to make the most of your long hair, right?

And to make the messy side braid even more charming to the eye, see the use of floral hair accessories adorning the hair, right when the messy braid starts to form.

Another reason to love this inspiring braid hairstyle is the sun-kissed hair dye it shows. We have shown you how dyeing your hair can always make a great effect.

#8. Make the Most of Your Long Hair


Having long hair does require you to pay extra care and effort to maintain it. However, all of them will pay off once you notice how endless the hairstyle possibilities you can try, including with braids.

We love how the length and volume are incorporated to create such an amazing braid hairstyle. Braiding the braids, the result is a incredible texture that creates a dramatic impact.

#9. Braid Ponytail? Sure!


Another way you can do to twist your timeless braid hairstyle can be found here.

In this picture, the braid is combined with a ponytail, yet it is done in a different way that helps accentuate the unique texture shown by the creative approach in creating the braid. Even though it looks simple, it is beautiful!

#10. Romantic Braided Crown


If something more low-key with soft and romantic look is what you prefer while keeping most of your hair all down, then this braided crown is the one you should try!

This will also make a simple yet beautiful choice of hairstyle to try even for a party, including a wedding reception. Plus, even if you have a shorter hair, you can still try this.